(Belated) Friday Fictioneers – Fairy Tales Come True

I’m just under the wire this week, but here’s my Fictioneers story at last. (Oh yes – what is this Friday Fictioneers business? Well, every Wednesday the talented Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a picture for inspiration, and anyone who wants to can write a hundred words (or a few less, or a few more), post their story on their own blog, and put a link on Rochelle’s list. Want to try? Come on in – it’s June, and the water’s fine!)

window-dressing-janet-webbFairy Tales Come True

“She was so lovely,” the prince sighed over breakfast.

The young king and his wife grinned at each other. True love after a ball – it brought back fond memories. “But who was she, brother?” asked the king.

“That’s the trouble. I don’t know!”

“What did she look like?”

The prince thought. “A rose-colored gown – but she wouldn’t wear that today. And she had such wonderful hair.”

The pink gown dangled from a balcony inaccessibly high above the street. The queen looked pleased. “Ella, you’re up to something,” the king said.

“I know who lives here, that’s all.” She stood in the middle of the street, hands on hips, and stared up at the balcony. “Rapunzel! Come out here!”

11 responses to “(Belated) Friday Fictioneers – Fairy Tales Come True

  1. A modern day fairy tale competently rendered! I enjoyed it.


    • Thank you, Janet! Glad you like it. (By the way – do you have any idea why that dress is really hanging from the balcony? Or is it just that I haven’t heard about the Resistance yet?? 😉 )

      • Word hasn’t spread out of NYC yet. 🙂 I have no idea why it was there. Bill spotted it when we were walking down the street and I grabbed the shot, one of my favorites.

        Glad you got a story in and you can start on another one tomorrow!


  2. Dear Sharon,

    I love a good happily ever after story! Ella? Now there’s a queen who knows about meeting her Prince Charming at a ball. Love it! (Phew! Glad you made it.)



  3. And they all lived happily ever after.

  4. Very clever combining those stories into a modern fairy tale.

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