Wordless Wednesday

Well, not entirely Wordless, and not Wednesday. This was supposed to be scheduled for last Wednesday, but I was upset and rushing, and didn’t set it up correctly.

TwoPeoniesMayfairHave a peony – they’re pretty and sweet-smelling, and they come up year after year for decades and show off in late May with lots of flowers the size of grapefruits.

11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. When I was little, we had lots of peonies. They were lovely and prolific, but I remember when they were brought into the house, there were always little ants in them.


    • Peonies and ants do go together! (They can’t bloom without ants to eat off the sticky sap that would seal the buds shut.) I just leave them outside and enjoy them on my way to the front door.

  2. I’ve always loved their blowsiness. I hope you’re okay 🙂

    • Blowsy – that’s the perfect word for peonies, especially when they’re just past their prime but haven’t started dropping petals yet. And thanks, Gilly – things are under control and improving, I believe.

  3. Blowsy, yes, the perfect description! We have some bright Magenta ones, they flower each year, usually while we are away but this year they have opened especially for our return.

  4. Growing up peonies bloomed every year off the back porch. They smelled and looked fantastic. Double flower in a flower. I could dangle my legs off the pouch right above them. Our coffee grinds were always laid at the roots.
    One Sunday, as I was sitting there, a wasp stung me just behind my left ear. Wow did that every hurt. I still love peonies and think of home but now always watch out for wasps.

    • Ouch, Bill!

      My grandmother had a double line of peonies on either side of the path into her vegetable garden – maybe a dozen of them. When I was a child and barely taller than the peonies, walking down that path felt like I was going into a secret, magical place – but of course, not so much when I got past the peonies and had to help pick beans!

  5. Never knew that about the ants – another intriguing snippet. And hope the peonies consoled you a little.
    My peonies are just developing buds – we are still about a month behind ‘normal’ here.

    • Well, it is an old wives’ tale, three times over, but it’s one of the true ones. When my grandmother (old wife # 2) was a young wife, she tried to grow peonies, and when she saw ants on the buds she sprayed lots of insecticide on them – and they never bloomed. She complained to an older woman – old wife # 1 – who told her to leave those ants alone; after that, her peonies blossomed gloriously. And at this point, I’m afraid I’m old wife # 3, relaying the wisdom of the generations.

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