Weekly Photo Challenge: Philadelphia Patterns

(Actually, I’m not sure whether the “patterns” challenge is still open or not. My computer was unusable for a couple of days, and I’ve barely started to go through my backlog of email. But even if there’s a newer topic by now, at least I can come up with a post on this subject after missing half a week – so here goes.)

I photographed these patterns in Philadelphia last summer, but each of them is only a small piece of the original picture. Can you guess what the real subject was?

Pattern1Pattern 1

Pattern2Pattern 2

Pattern3Pattern 3

Pattern4Pattern 4

And here you are – the uncropped photos:

PatternBusShelterA bus shelter

PatternPhilaApartmentHouseAn apartment building

PatternStMarksLocustStA church door

PatternRittenhouseSquareFountainA fountain in Rittenhouse Square

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Philadelphia Patterns

  1. Nice, Sharon! I think the challenge is open until Friday when the new one comes out.
    Hope you’re enjoying your day!


    • Thanks, Janet! I was able to post a link on the photo challenge page, so it does seem to still be open – I can never remember which day of the week they come out.

  2. Fantastic, I’ve never seen such a posh bus shelter and the church door is beautiful!

    • Thank you, Gilly! Basically the bus shelter is just someplace to get out of the rain of course 😉 , but they did try to make it attractive. And I do like that door.

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