Friday Fictioneers: Heart’s Desire

What’s a Fictioneer, especially a Friday one? We’re a (very) loose group of bloggers who write stories (more or less) a hundred words long inspired (one way or another) by the photos that the one and only Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Wednesday. How do people qualify to become Fictioneers? Check Rochelle’s post, write your story, post it, and add it to Rochelle’s InLinkz page of the week. It’s really that simple. Want to try?

While you think it over, take a look at my story – comments are enthusiastically welcome.

icon-grill-ted-strutzHeart’s Desire

Outside, the sign says “Heart’s Desire”. Inside, jumbled junk. So I confronted the blonde at the cash register.

“Whatever you want, we sell it,” she said. “If you can find it.”

“Sure you do. Like what?”

“Gold, jewels – cheap. Cures for whatever you’ve got. That out-of-print book you lost two moves ago.”


She grinned. “The lighting in here’s very flattering, and everybody leaves happy and hopeful. And that’s the best part of being young, right?”

“True love?”

“Is that what you want? Well. Magic, we have – and with magic and a little persistence, who knows?”

Who knows, indeed? We’ve been running the store together for years now.


23 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Heart’s Desire

  1. I loved your dialog-just a really fun conversation. I kept wanting to know if there was actually anything fishy about this place (magic… dark deals…) but your clerk walked that line very cleverly. Especially funny that they actually worked together.

    • Thank you so much! A lot of my Fictioneers stories end up being pared down to just dialog – it seems to be an efficient way to keep the action moving. As for magic – well, yes, for story purposes this is a “magical” store, but it’s silly magic, not to be taken seriously. No dark deals. But I’m glad I kept you in suspense 😉

  2. So we’re a loose group, are we? Hmmmm, not sure about that one!!

    On the other hand, I enjoyed the story and I’ll be right over for the out-of-print book.


    • I suppose it depends on what the meaning of loose is! Glad you liked it, and while I may not have your out-of-print book, this house does have a large assortment of Random Printed Stuff 😉 lying around.

  3. Ah yes, running a private business is certainly an act of love. Running it with a spouse and still staying together, true love. Great story.

    • Thank you very much! And do you know, I didn’t notice until you mentioned it that spouses running a business together successfully would require true love. Excellent point.

  4. Ahh a perfect romantic twist 🙂

  5. Nice ending to an imaginative tale.

  6. Dear Sharon,
    I’ve been told I’m loosely-wrapped. 😉 Loved your dialogue. I’d like to visit this shop. There are some things I’d like to find.

  7. Unrequited love…sigh…

  8. Oh this is lovely – love that ending. And all thanks to magic and persistance?

  9. I wouid love to find this shop.

  10. Love the little twist at the end… wonderful little tale.

    • To be honest, the twist wasn’t in the original version, but I needed to end the story somehow and felt like being kind to the characters. So there they are. Thank you!

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