Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

Silly Decoratoring?

I really don’t think about interior decoration very often. (I’m more likely to be thinking about things like “Where can I put these books?” or “I know I had another skein of blue yarn!”) But after writing last Saturday’s Friday Fictioneers story, I found myself pondering what sorts of decoratory things I actually do – and I realized that all the stuff I like best in this house (well, other than people and books) shares a certain eccentricity.

Silly Dining Room ForestThere’s the forest in my dining room – its date may be late September, or maybe early October, but those yellow leaves haven’t fallen for many years, and it’s never rainy or windy.

Several years back, one piece of my job involved building new PCs out of components. That meant that day after day, I wound up with a pocket full of twisties – part of the discarded packaging. So I used some of them to make a menagerie. Some of my critters are tripods, or have perky tails and big horns. Others have five legs and a trunk. I’m fond of them all.

Silly Couch FishAnd then there’s the couch fish, swimming unconcerned through the air in my living room. I hadn’t planned to buy a pillow the day I met him, but it was love at first sight, and home he came.

What are your favorite things like?