Look At My Babies Grow!

So far so good…

SeedlingsJustSproutingThe peppers are just sprouting, at last.

SeedlingsFirstPairOfLeavesMost of the tomatoes are already growing their first pair of true leaves. (The “leaves” that you see when they begin to grow are really part of the seed.)

7 responses to “Look At My Babies Grow!

  1. Sharon, I so wish I were growing something but no point in planting things at the Ohio house, since I don’t know when I’ll be here (and hopefully, not too long after the house is on the market.) At the Illinois house, there’s wonderful landscaping but not much of anywhere to grow any food and I doubt the landlord would be thrilled if we asked to dig up lawn. 🙂 I’ll have to study up on container gardening but only once I’m there most/all of the time as someone else has a black thumb!


    • Oh, how frustrating! 😦 Good luck with containers and getting thoroughly settled into the new house by next spring. If there are flower beds behind the house, do you think the landlord would mind some vegetables there?

      • He wouldn’t mind but there’s virtually no room. I found a bit of space last summer for a couple tomato plants but that’s about it for space. On the other hand, I can wallow in the beauty of the flowers, so that’s really nice. I’ll expect a big bag of heirloom tomatoes in fall when I drop Megan off at school! 🙂 In exchange, I’ll give you my drop-dead-wonderful recipes for tomato soup with a base that you can make a freeze so you can make tomato soup that tastes fresh from the garden year-round.


  2. Everything is so late this year, I hope they catch up and fruit well for you.

  3. It is finally due to warm up here this weekend but no sun just lots of rain. Have fun watching your tomatoes grow, i really should do something!?!

    • I am enjoying peeking at them – hovering over them, really. (I tell myself the carbon dioxide I breathe out is good for them 😉 ) The only problem with starting things like tomatoes from seed is that they do need to be fussed over for several weeks – and then once you plant them outside you have to keep up with staking them and fertilizing them and stuff. Beans are a lot less work!

      Oh, and weather – here, the temperature leaped up overnight from highs in the mid 40’s (Fahrenheit – around 8 Celsius) all the way to 80 (27 Celsius). That lasted three days, and now it’s back down to 66 (19 Celsius). I call it roller coaster weather, and I’m tired of it.

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