Travel theme: Pale

This week, Ailsa doesn’t want brilliantly colored photos that seize your attention and refuse to let you look away. No, this week the focus is on “pale“.

PaleCherryBlossomsPale pink cherry blossoms, last spring – sadly, about six weeks later this tree mysteriously collapsed into three parts.

PaleFlowerWithBeeWell, the flower is pale, and the bee isn’t unusually dark as bees go…

PaleSculpturePale white and gray marble entwined in an abstract sculpture.

PaleAug03Badlands5Big hills made of tints of pale sand in the South Dakota Badlands.



11 responses to “Travel theme: Pale

  1. Lovely photo’s and entry! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Yes I remember the broken tree, how sad. Lovely photos and the scultpure is fab.

  3. great macro of the bee…and those Badlands are gorgeous.

  4. I love the variety of your photos! Sorry about the tree…

    • Thank you! Yes – the collapsing tree was very strange. It looked perfectly fine as far as you could see from the sidewalk…and then, when I passed it walking home from a street fair last Memorial Day weekend, it was lying on the grass in three pieces. Oh well.

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