Daily Archives: April 4, 2013

Friday Fictioneers: Branching Out

Annnd – Rochelle has come up with yet another photo to inspire the Fictioneers to 100-word stories. Tell me what you think of this one!

gnarled-treeBranching Out

That tree. It’s not good for much, I guess. But the cows seem to like it. I just don’t get why they crowd together to lie under it. If cows were smarter, I’d think they were pretending the tree gives enough shade to stay cool.

It’s got kind of an interesting shape, maybe. Leaning halfway over from the wind on that hill. Makes me think of an oversize bonsai. Too twisted and battered to make good lumber. Not even worth the cost of cutting it down.

Wonder if they have bonsai photo contests I could enter it in. Let ’em think it’s little.