Spring. You’ve heard of it.

But this year, so far, there’s not much chance that you’ve seen it.

SpringFlowersWilliamsburgHere’s what it looks like.

6 responses to “Spring. You’ve heard of it.

  1. That looks more like summer to me but considering the snow finally stopped and the sun just came out, what do I know?? Everything green and colorful looks good to me.


    • Well, I may be stretching a point just the tiniest little bit 😉 – it’s a May photo, not late March / early April.

      It’s what spring should look like. Anyway, that’s my story.

  2. We can but dream! This time last year I went to the beach after work and sat eating fish and chips with the warm sun on my face.

  3. lovely, not this year though

    • Not here either (though to be honest, I took that photo in May not March or April). My daffodils started coming up a few weeks ago when it seemed to be starting to get warm – boy are they sorry. If they could shiver and put on coats and scarves, they would.

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