Thank you to a stranger, who will probably never see this

SunflowersYesterday was an ordinary day, until early afternoon. Then, as I was leaving the supermarket, a woman with a few bags of groceries and a bunch of cut sunflowers came up to me.

“This is going to sound strange,” she said. “But are you a mother?”

“Well, yes.”

“Well, today was my mother’s birthday,” she said, her voice breaking. “And these were her favorite flowers, and I make a habit every year of giving somebody else a bunch of them.” And she handed the flowers to me.

I mumbled “Thank you” – I wish I had more presence of mind in situations like this and had said something more to her – took the flowers home, and there they sit, in my living room in the biggest vase I own.

I hope she feels happier today.

21 responses to “Thank you to a stranger, who will probably never see this

  1. You both gained and so did I reading this touching story!

  2. bless her, how moving.

  3. How wonderful! This would be something good to do on Mother’s Day or on your own birthday.


    • Now, there’s a thought! Your own birthday would be better – that way it’s at an unpredictable time (for the person you give to), and the surprise is part of what makes it such a nice gesture.

      • I like to buy a service man/woman coffee if I see one in a Caribou or Starbucks but they often don’t want to let me do it. I’ve also known people who pay for the meals of those behind them at a fast food place, but since I rarely go to one, that doesn’t work. I’ve also heard of paying for someone dinner anonymously in a restaurant. Lots of good ideas out there.

  4. What a really sweet jester. I’m sure you smiled which is probably what she was looking for.

  5. What a beautiful story. Flowers from God:)

  6. How sweet of her. I am sure she wanted you to have a happier day from receiving the sunflowers 🙂 and it seems like you did. I like random acts of kindness 🙂 they always make me smile.

  7. well that made me cry, i hope she has found some peace today too

  8. That is so sweet! By accepting her gift, you helped honor her mother. So nice.

  9. What a perfectly wonderful random act of kindness Sharon…

  10. What a nice story. Thanks for sharing – it made my day.

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