CollsCrocusesNoon20130310It seemed like it a few days ago, anyhow. My crocuses have been up and blooming for a week now, my daffodils are starting to develop buds, even my daylilies are poking up above ground level.

And for tonight, they’re forecasting sleet. 😦


8 responses to “Spring??

  1. Like your photo of the new buds among the dead dried leaves. (Our lives seem to have a lot in common btw…)

    • Thank you! (Of course, the leaves would be long gone if I were more organized about tidying up the lawn in fall…well, they’re insulation for spring’s new growth. Or something.) And I’ve noticed from reading your posts that our weather does seem to be running in parallel, somehow.

  2. Oh aren’t they beautiful? Spring really does have to happen soon doesn’t it!

  3. My primroses are peeking out with flowers,too, but getting assaulted today by snow and sleet this morning, followed by rain now and probably flipping back to the dark side tonight (and I don’t mean the lack of light at night!) I can’t wait for spring!

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