Just a photo

It’s been one of those weeks – I’ve got too much to do and at the same time I’m a bit under the weather. Result? I haven’t managed to write anything that’s ready to post. But just to let you know that I’m still roaming around in the depths of the Internet, here’s a picture I like – an unusual building from Copenhagen.

Aug06CopenhagenTwistedSpireAndGablesI like this shot, first of all, for the behind-the-scenes look at these gables – if you stood squarely in front of the building, all you would see would be wildly curlicued brick facings. If you stand just a little off to the side, you realize that behind the fancy false fronts are very simple structures sheathed in what’s probably plates of copper.

But never mind the secrets of the gables – what I really love about this building is that silly-looking twisted spire, a little bit like a narwhal’s tusk. This narwhal has to swim along holding its mouth out of the water, though, so the weather vane on top of the spire can catch the wind.

10 responses to “Just a photo

  1. Hope your spirits lift during the weekend!

  2. I hope you feel better soon and get all you need to get done, done. It is an interesting building.

  3. Even when you don’t feel 100% you still create a great blog post!

  4. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Sorry you aren’t feeling great, but I agree with Gilly! Take care and rest when you can.

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