Daily Archives: March 4, 2013

Travel themes: Roads

What could be more appropriate for a habitual traveler than pictures of roads? That’s what Ailsa wants from us this week.

HighwaysGeologyDemoEvery so often as you drive through Pennsylvania you pass a really gorgeous geology cross-section. This one is especially striking because the road is fairly new, and nothing has tried to grow down the rock face yet.

HighwaysAmishBachelorLast summer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we drove past this unmarried young Amish man. How do I know he’s single? Until they’re married, Amish bachelors are only allowed to drive open wagons like this, so the whole community can keep an eye on the young men and their girlfriends.

HighwaysCorfuThis road zigzags its way up a cliff of little towns to get to the top of the world, or at least the top of the island of Corfu – my husband had a lot of fun changing gears to get around every switchback. Once it finishes climbing, the road is so used to changing direction that it just goes on looping across the landscape.