Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

Just what it says, basically – post pictures with four or more strong colors

MulticolorDockingBarHarborDocking in Bar Harbor, Maine – July 2008

MulticolorCookbooksCookbooks in my dining room – ten minutes ago

MulticolorWilliamsburgFlowerGardenFlowers in Williamsburg, Virginia – May 2007


14 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

  1. Bar Harbor looks just like Duck Key in Florida. Great pics.

    • Thank you!

      I’m not sure whether I’m surprised that Bar Harbor and Duck Key look alike – considering how far apart they are – or not surprised at all, on the theory that a dock is a dock is a dock. Anyway, it’s interesting to know.

  2. Fabulous, but I thought you got rid of lots of cook books? 🙂

  3. nice photos and you have a dining room? I am jealous. As for all those cook books i think it is time to clear those shelves.

    • Glad you like the photos…sorry you don’t have a dining room. I guess I just assumed you did. As for the cookbooks, some of them may go away but I use a lot of them.

      • no i have a very tiny house width way but very tall, 4 floors, was useful when the children were at home but now stairs are my enemy not so much.

      • Four floors…*** wow ***…when I was young I would have loved that kind of house – I still think they look good, but it’s starting to sink in that the stairs would be a problem sooner or later.

    • Actually, come to think of it, when we bought the house the living room and dining room were all one piece – we added a wall to separate them. We’ve been here a long time, and I had forgotten about that.

  4. look at all those books…my idea of heaven

  5. Books what a cool idea for a photo. I’ve got to remember that one!!! Thanks for participating!

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