100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Memories

Julia’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups gives us another picture this week to inspire our short-short stories. Let me know what you think of mine!


The package came on Monday – an inlaid wooden box, locked. On Tuesday, a small envelope. The note inside said only “Rosemary. That’s for remembrance.”

The key lay in the frostbitten herb garden. Her heart hammered as she picked it up. Late at night, she turned the lock. Letters overflowed as she lifted the lid. Taped inside the lid, another note – “Pray you, love, remember – remember how I love you. Love, let me come back.”

She smiled grimly as she fed the letters into the blazing fireplace. What about the box? Pretty, new, no memories left in it. She’d keep it.

17 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups – Memories

  1. i wish someone would write me a box full of love letters (sigh) no (SIGH)

  2. Haha very good! Not what I expected at all! I’ll bet it was an interesting smell with all that rosemary 🙂

    I moved recently and came upon many love letters, threw them all away, no sense living in the past.

  3. Oh dear she’s a cold fish!

    • Isn’t she? There’s a background here, of course, and he is something of a jerk, but yes, cold. (The sentence that I intended as a tipoff to her personality is “No memories left in it” – how could you forget the way you received something like that??)

  4. Like the keeping of the box. Something kind of nasty about it

    • Yes, there is – she’s not keeping it because it makes her think sentimentally of the good times, or even because at least that no-good soandso at least gave her one thing worth having, only because it’s a nice little decorative object that she got for free.

  5. Oooh, a story that hints at another story…clever. (as an aside, I have to add I love rosemary…!)

    • (I love rosemary too) (The photo is probably grass, I suppose, or pine needles, but for my purposes it’s rosemary 😉 ) Thank you – with only 100 words to work with, you have to do a lot of hinting!

  6. I feel a woman scorned here. Would love to know the back story. Really enjoyed idea of a clue to the key in the herb garden.

  7. A lady who obviously wants to move forward with her life.

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