100 Word Challenge for Grownups: The Contest

This week, Julia’s prompt for the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups is  …what does it taste like…

To participate, add 100 more words to the prompt and tell us a short-short story. (Don’t forget to post the link over at 100WCGU!) Here’s my version. Please comment – I’d love to know what you think of it!

The Contest

My Aunt Joan’s hobby is winning cooking contests. Well, entering them. So when I heard her excited voice, I knew what I was in for. I went over anyway.

She waved a dripping spoon at something with lots of multicolored layers. “What is it?” I said.

“Lima Fruit Parfait.” She beamed at me. “For the Lima Bean Festival down in Cape May. It’s got strawberries and oranges and blueberries and, of course, lima beans.”

“Lima. Fruit. Parfait. What does it taste like?”

“Oh, who cares? People eat with their eyes, right? And it’s pretty.”

“But lima beans with strawberries? And stuff?”

“Beans are fruit. Technically. I think.”

* * *

(The Lima Bean Festival in Cape May, New Jersey is real. Aunt Joan and her parfait are not, and the actual festival should not be blamed for them!)

21 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups: The Contest

  1. oh my.. That sounds interesting.

  2. Yes I would like to know how it comes out too. Cute story none the less.

  3. Beans don’t usually taste of anything much do they?I think you should try it and let us knowhow you get on! Very creative 🙂

  4. i am guessing it would depend upon how many beans you actually put in, it could actually work 🙂

  5. Hahaha. Funny. I love fruits and veggies. I wouldn’t be trying that dish though.
    My response to the prompt: http://www.aliciaaudrey.com/blog/100-word-story-you-in-the-middle/

  6. sounds intriguing! but I am uncertain i’d be good at creating such a delight… and the last line sounds like something I’d say after putting foods I was craving into a new ‘creation!’ 🙂

  7. Go for it, Aunt Joan! I agree, much of the eating is with the eyes.

  8. Lol! Now there’s an interesting recipe, probably not one I’ll be trying though!

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