Daily Archives: February 13, 2013

Friday Fictioneers: Interview

Friday Fictioneers. It’s our weekly opportunity, or challenge, or obsession – use the photo offered by our Fearless Leader Rochelle Wisoff-Fields as inspiration for a story, 100 words long or thereabouts. (Interested? Hop right in with your story! Just post a link to it on the Fictioneers page.) Here’s my version for this week –


Client shows flat affect. “Nightmares. That’s all.”

(“Tell me more.”)

“Just – they want to pull me under, you know?”

(“Who are they?”)

“Nobody. Not any more. They don’t even look like themselves.”

Some agitation. (“What do you think they want?”)

“What kind of good was it going to do for all of us to – well, we all knew only one was going to come through okay. It was me. Wouldn’t help them any for me to be under the ground too, would it? It wouldn’t help them!”

(“They’re dead?”)

“I’m done talking. Only, get them to stop grabbing at me!”

At this point, client required sedation. Pulse rate continued to rise. Resuscitation proved unsuccessful.