Friday Fictioneers: Winter Storm Warning

I had a really hard time coming up with a story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt. All my mind had to offer was little stories about eager travelers or frightened travelers or romantic meet-cute travelers that bored me the minute I thought of them.

Then this jaded, frustrated fellow popped up. I hope you enjoy being introduced to him. And as usual, I’d love to know what you think!

100_7227-1Winter Storm Warning

I hate flying. No, I’m not scared – too many air miles behind me to think the boogeyman’s after me every time I leave the ground. But business class? Just a way to move cargo. If they could get away with it, they’d stack us in shipping containers.

This time, though, I fought to get to fly. My boss wanted me to just stay a week longer. But I said to him, “Look. Any other time. But it’s my anniversary and the kid’s sixth birthday. I’ve got to get home.” That wasn’t the end of it, and I owe him, but I talked him into a round trip ticket. So here I am at the airport, all flights canceled. It’ll take a team of sled dogs to get me home now. Where’s the kennel?


34 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Winter Storm Warning

  1. aww, geez, a real bummer…both for the people at the airport snowed in and the residents going through the storm. great boss and great story. ❤

    • Thank you! And yes, the traveler clearly has a pretty good relationship with his boss.

      As for the bummer part, at the moment I’m on the southern fringe of this weekend’s Great Northeastern Snow in the US – hard to say how much we’ll wind up with here (less than the unlucky souls in Boston and New York City), but I believe they closed the Philadelphia airport hours ago.

      I think my traveler is trying to either leave or get to Boston. Poor guy.

  2. Loved this accurate and strangely compelling take on the prompt. You really hit the mark with this one. The curmudgeon at odds with the weather, the flight, the boss, the world. Very good stuff.



  3. I get the frustration in this, nicely done. Good luck with the snow.

    • Thank you, Sandra! Frustration is exactly what I wanted to convey.

      As for snow, we seem to have mostly escaped (I’m in the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia) except that things are very icy. There’s less than an inch of actual snow – very wet and heavy, but it looks like a sunny day so with any luck it will melt off the pavement quickly. The people up in New England apparently got pounded, though.

  4. a little laughter is always good in the mornings 🙂

  5. That would be SO frustrating and isn’t that how it works? The one time you want to do something, it doesn’t happen. “Just a way to move cargo”–certainly the impression you get flying these days, although I’m quite impressed by Southwest.


    • Yes, it feels like that’s what always happens! And here he’s burned through his supply of “boss credit” for nothing. The “cargo” line is actually what I’ve thought for years now myself – though nothing against Southwest. I haven’t flown with them, and they might be wonderful.

  6. your voice was spot on in this piece.

  7. I enjoyed this – especially the line :”If they could get away with it, they’d stack us in shipping containers.” I bet a lot of people feel this way 🙂

  8. Dear Sharon,
    Now that’s one business trip gone wrong. Great job of voicing his frustrations. Delightfully told.

  9. Stay warm Sharon and if you do get snowed in you can write us some more stories!

  10. That’s a very apt story these days. Still, I love the tenacity of the character. Anything to get home for the special occasions. Very well told.

  11. Well done you’re going to get home asap by any means.

  12. I hope he gets home!!

    • Eventually he will, but probably not until the end of the following week (just as if he hadn’t talked his boss into letting him make a quick trip home). He’ll probably be stuck in the airport most of the weekend and have to go back to his business trip work first thing Monday. The six year old will be disappointed that Dad missed the birthday, but I think he’ll get full “Aw honey you really tried so hard to get home you sweetheart” credit from his wife. Probably they’ll have a delayed anniversary celebration 😉

  13. aww. poor guy. i had a different vision of what was going to happen, but i’m glad i was wrong. well done.

  14. Very clever take, well crafted.

  15. I love that ending!
    Reminds me of the song “isn’t it ironic”

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