Reverse 100 Things: Three and a half weeks in

Still emptying out my house, a little at a time…what have I disposed of since my last “Reverse 100 Things” post?

Reverse100ThingsLotsaPaperThursday January 24th, piles of paper to recycle.


More paper on Friday the 25th.


Reverse100ThingsPrinterCartridgesSaturday the 26th, old printer cartridges and some of the packaging from the new ones to recycle – and a bit of packaging that can’t be recycled and has to be thrown away.


Reverse100ThingsOldSunscreenSunday the 27th, ancient sunscreen to throw out. It’s so old it doesn’t even tell you if the bottle is recyclable. Away it goes.



Reverse100ThingsRecyclingAndAPieceOfTrashMonday the 28th, more paper and the case a memory stick came in to recycle. And a name tag that appears to be just plain trash.


Tuesday the 29th, another week’s accumulation of glass and plastic containers.

Reverse100ThingsRagWednesday the 30th – once it was a dishcloth, then a cleaning rag, and now it’s past being useful for anything. Trash. Also assorted old clothes past their useful days.


Thursday the 31st, a pile of my Mom’s junk mail to recycle.

Reverse100ThingsKleenexBoxFriday February 1st, yet more paper including an empty Kleenex box.


Saturday the 2nd, still more paper to recycle.

Reverse100ThingsRoughDraftSignSunday the 3rd, recycling rough drafts of a food bank collection sign.


Yes, there’s a pattern here – far and away the biggest category of junk in this house is old paper that needs to be sorted through and recycled. At least I’m making a start on it, and getting rid of freshly used-up paper right away before it spawns new piles…

9 responses to “Reverse 100 Things: Three and a half weeks in

  1. Well done! It’s hard to organise. I’ve been closed down for some unknown reason, no explanation…. so my 100 steps, capture the moment and so on is currently a thing of the past. I have no access to the blog – zilch – gone. I may be back, but until I know what’s going on I’ll just have to read instead……

  2. I recycled loads of paperwork on my desk at work today so I feel quite virtuous!

  3. Yeah! You are making serious progress–I salute you:)

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