Daily Archives: February 2, 2013

Travel themes: Shadows

Today is Groundhog Day – a day dedicated to shadows and what oversized burrowing rodents think of them. (For the record, apparently the famous groundhog Punxsatawney Phil didn’t see his shadow today – it was cloudy in central Pennsylvania – so we’ve been promised an early spring. Yes, bright sunny weather means a long winter and clouds mean it should get warm early – Groundhog Day is nothing if not illogical. But that’s why we love it, right?)

Anyway, Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is “shadows”, and I have two fairly different shadow photos to share –

ShadowVeniceGrandCanalVenice under cloud shadows. Yes, there was a storm not long after I took this picture.

ShadowSnowFeb2010Depth11in28cm 021Self portrait, measuring how much snow one of our semiblizzards three years ago dumped on us – according to the ruler to the right of my shadow, this one left behind 11 inches (28 cm). (By the way, there aren’t any hills in my front yard – that big hump just beyond the ruler is the pile of snow that had been shoveled out of the way after earlier storms. We had a lot of snow in 2010.)

I suppose you could argue that the second photo doesn’t represent “travel”. But with the amount of snow we had at that point, getting that far past the front door – about twenty feet – was a demanding and perilous expedition.