Small stone 5: Impossible.

It isn’t the flu.
No, it can’t be the flu.
My shoulders don’t ache
And I had my shot, too.

I don’t have the flu.
No, I won’t have the flu.
It drags on so long;
I have so much to do.

But I’m coughing all night
And I’m coughing all day
And I’m so very tired
And it won’t go away
Not whatever I do…
do you think it’s the flu?

18 responses to “Small stone 5: Impossible.

  1. I don’t like that you’re sick. I like the words you wrote in this poem. It might not be the flu but it sounds like something is bugging you. So do as they say get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids and call the doctor in the morning. Feel better. 🙂

  2. no its not the flu but i would guess its a virus of some sort and they are lasting about 2 weeks this year just for good measure. Have you been to the Dr’s?

  3. All that poorly stuff and you’re still creative!

  4. 😦 Hate January … get well soon.

  5. Rest, drink lots and have a spoonful or two of Manuka honey to cheer yourself up.

    Coughs are the pits.

  6. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. Well done on turning the negative into something fun and uplifting for the rest of us. I hope you’re feeling better.

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