Travel theme: Multiples

Back to Ailsa’s Travel Themes – this time, she’s asking us for photographs of “multiples”. It seemed only right to include multiple pictures – so here they are, from various Augusts over the past ten years:

Bikes for rent in Copenhagen - photographed August 2006 by Sharon Wolfgang Multiple bikes for rent in Copenhagen

The "hundred fountains" at Villa d'Este, a bit east of Rome - photographed Aug. 2004 by Sharon WolfgangThe “Hundred Fountains” at Villa d’Este near Rome

Two goats at Mount Rushmore - photographed Aug. 2003 by Paul WolfgangMultiple – well, two – goats having their breakfast
next to the parking garage at Mount Rushmore


10 responses to “Travel theme: Multiples

  1. Good interpretation of the theme.

  2. The fountains look lovely. The sound must’ve been wonderful.

  3. very clever…mulpile August…my favourite month

  4. The multiple bikes is wonderful the other are great too. But the bikes seems to fit the multiple theme best. 🙂

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