Small stone # 3: For yesterday

I’ve been disturbing the dust, picking up things that have lain comfortably in one place for months, sorting through them, moving them to different locations, even throwing them away. The poor neglected dust particles were left to float through the air and search for new homes…and some of them relocated to my sinuses. Pain in my cheekbones. Pain in my forehead just to either side of the bridge of my nose. Pain. I think my sinuses want a divorce.

9 responses to “Small stone # 3: For yesterday

  1. what is ‘small stone’ and dust always finds a new home

    • “Small stones” are a January writing project – part of the “Mindful Writing Challenge”. The basic idea is to really notice something that’s happening around you and write a short piece about it. And as for dust, yes, there doesn’t seem to be any way to escape it 😦

  2. Oh no, poor dust – first neglect and next divorce! you are so funny 🙂

  3. I think Gilly is right…you are soooooooo funny

  4. Uh! I hope you are almost better. I read your writing challenge then came back to older post. Was the coughing about you?

    • Well, not directly, but probably that’s part of how it got into the story…for the writing challenge, I started out with the idea of “trapped listening to a beginner making mistakes” then wondered why the narrator was home to hear the piano lesson, and that’s how she ended up being sick in bed.

      I’m pretty much back to normal now – thank you!

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