Friday Fictioneers: Visiting (Science fiction)

Well, all right. I suppose Rochelle’s prompt for this week is really showing us New Year’s Eve fireworks. But what if something totally different was happening??

Here’s my 100 Friday words, anyhow, plus a thirty-three word bonus; some situations just refuse to make sense with only a hundred words. Let me know what you think of it!


I’m a practical man. I don’t bother with those stories, Elvis Kidnaps Bigfoot’s Alien Baby. I was just heading home.

Then there’s fireworks popping up all along the highway. Only not fireworks. No boom, and they just hung up there glowing, not going out like fireworks do. One of them drifted right up to my car and started talking.

We’re busy here, I told him. It. Whatever. Can’t just gawk at you folks, however far off you came from. He took it okay. Drifted back to the others. They put their heads, so to speak, together.

Tell you what, he said. Suppose you people come visit us? He doesn’t have what you’d call a face, but I swear he was grinning.

It’s kind of interesting here on their planet. Different. Met Bigfoot yesterday.


35 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: Visiting (Science fiction)

  1. Oh I laughed and laughed….so well-written too!

  2. Ha ha! 🙂 The sign of an intrepid space traveler: indifference at the bizarre. Well done!

  3. met big foot yesterday was my fav! good job. 🙂

  4. You just never know how your ordinary day can change!

  5. Nice one! I love the twists you give to the endings.

  6. And I hear Joe Walsh singing, “I’m just an ordinary, average guy.” Well done, Sharon!

  7. Really very funny, its got me in stitches!

    • I’m so glad, Gilly 😉 The strange thing is that I didn’t plan to write a funny story when I first came up with the situation and then the basic plot…but when I started writing, the narrator’s voice just came out that way!

  8. “Elvis kidnaps Bigfoot’s Alien Baby” –my favorite line. I laughed outloud. Enjoyed your humor.

  9. What fun, Sharon! Love those Elvis (and similar) headlines. They liven my time in the lines at the grocery stores. 🙂

  10. That was great. Did he go against his will and now happy about it?

    • Thanks! I think they just scooped up pretty much all of us, without really asking whether we wanted to go or not. (They probably were kind of irritated at his brushoff.) Anyway, he seems to be enjoying himself seeing the sights.

  11. I’ve always wanted to meet bigfoot. Very funny story

  12. That was pretty damn clever… very sweet in a way.

  13. you just never know. if got nothing to lose – but “nothing” doesn’t include your life – then go ahead. give it a shot

  14. I really like the style of this story – and the lack of quotations around the speeches gave it a sort of dreamlike quality. Very interesting take on the prompt 🙂

  15. Dear Sharon,

    ..met Bigfoot.” Loved it. Very good story.



  16. Very good! I enjoyed it.

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