Thursday’s Windows: In the bay

Time for another picture for Sandra Conner’s Thursday’s Windows.

WindowsChesapeakeBayBridgeTunnelI took this one last Sunday – a very windy day – while we were eating lunch in the middle of Chesapeake Bay.

That’s right, in the middle of the Bay. We came home from our short vacation by way of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, about 17 miles (28 km) of bridges combined with two tunnels that dive down under shipping channels. At the entrance to the southern tunnel, you can stop to visit a little restaurant and souvenir shop, with a long fishing pier behind it. (I didn’t see anybody at all braving the fishing pier this week! It was very windy.)

11 responses to “Thursday’s Windows: In the bay

  1. Phwoar Sandra 😉
    I feel the spray …

  2. That would have freaked me a little Sharon…cool shot

    • The water put on quite a show! (Actually, what was a bit more unnerving was the way the wind kept trying to push the car off the bridge while we were driving – there are side rails of course, but traveling in a straight line wasn’t easy. 😮 )

  3. a good photo though

    • Thanks, Beverley! I have to admit, though, that as usual the trick is taking lots and lots and lots of photos. I have plenty of pictures of nothing in particular – it seemed as if every time I got ready to take a picture of the big waves, everything calmed down for the next five minutes until I started eating again. 😉

  4. Looks like very exciting place to visit.

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