Small stone 1: New Year’s Day

An ordinary day, gray sky, bare branches, and cold air. About the same as yesterday. No sign of any change.

Only our minds insist that time has cycled new again, as if we saw an old friend’s face, reason enough to celebrate. And so, we do, and look – the day turns strange and special.

12 responses to “Small stone 1: New Year’s Day

  1. There are always signs if we look hard enough aren’t there? What a lovely stone!

    • Thank you, Gilly! And this really is an arbitrary sign – the years keep circling around, but January 1 really has no special tie to anything except the calendar we’ve invented. It’s still fun 😉

  2. if we took out the dates it would just be another morning, welcome to a new morning x

  3. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace …….

  4. What a lovely thought the way you put this one…

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