The clock is ticking…

…only fourteen and a half hours left of 2012. Sorry, fourteen and a quarter.

All right, let’s try for realistic plans for 2013. One thing I’ve finally learned over the past year (and about time, too) is that there’s a limited number of minutes in a day to get things done, and a limited amount of mental and emotional and physical energy to use for doing them. So it seems like a good idea to tackle only one large new goal at a time.

The two things that have to continue are writing and providing support for my mom. I’ll certainly continue with the weekly 100-word challenges – they’re fun, they’re good practice, and I enjoy seeing what other people come up with based on the same prompts. I’ll go on blogging regularly. And, above all, I’ll keep chipping away at the boulder of book-length fiction, trying to sculpt it into finished work of my own.

What should I tuck into the corners of the day around that central core? Probably the thing I want to do least: clean the horrible house, because the inconvenience and irritation of living in this mess is getting to me. And what that needs to start with is getting rid of lots and lots and lots of stuff – we own too many things to organize them all.

Once the mess is under control, I can free up time for regular exercise, something I’ve neglected lately. And make sure I’m eating good food, not junk. Will I lose weight? Probably not, but I’ll be healthier.

And, since at least one New Year’s resolution should focus on something you want to do, I’m going to finally make time for knitting experiments – trying out odd stitches and construction methods that I’ve read about here and there. Blog posts, yes, there will be blog posts. With pictures.

(And also, I’ll go on looking forward to posts from the many varied bloggers I follow. Some of you have become online friends, and all of you brighten my day. Thank you so much!)

12 responses to “The clock is ticking…

  1. Well I’m glad to hear that blog posts are up there on the list of things to do. I love your 100 word challenge pieces and look forward to reading more in 2013. Happy New Year Sharon x

  2. I just finished your other post and commented and this one was already up. 🙂 You can do it, Sharon! You’ve pared the list down and can always add. Don’t forget to have a few minutes each day for some down time, even if it’s only 15 minutes or so.

    All the best,


    • Well, I have to admit I started working on these two posts, as a pair, last Wednesday – so they were both nearly ready except for a little final polishing by the time we got home yesterday. I’m hoping that paring down the list will help me keep in motion – and making a point of down time except in a true crisis is certainly good advice too. Thank you!

  3. Hooray I look forward to reading you!

  4. Be True! Be who you are and not who you think other people want you to be 🙂

  5. I’ve so enjoyed following you over the last months. Here’s to more enjoyment in 2013! 🙂

  6. Good luck on your goals. I try not to set any so there’s no chance of failing. 🙂

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