Only one more day of 2012!

We’re staring 2013 in the face.

I don’t usually write about my problems here, mostly because I don’t have much that’s fresh and insightful to say about the subject. But the end of the year seems to be the traditional time to evaluate our lives and make plans to improve them.

And what did I accomplish in 2012? I started off with grandly overambitious plans – “finish writing at least two books; be thin; live in a tidy house; rebuild my savings account; learn to draw; and, for the heck of it, finish several reading challenges.” It’s been a sobering year.

My house is as messy as it’s ever been, possibly worse. I’ve gained five pounds. I don’t have the free time to concentrate on drawing. The reading challenges petered out midyear, largely because I found other topics to post about, so I don’t really care about that failure. Have I succeeded in anything?

My main accomplishment, one I didn’t realize I was facing a year ago, has been to keep my mother out of the hospital and the nursing home, living quasi-independently in her familiar house with her familiar belongings and as many of her familiar routines as she feels up to bothering with. And it’s stressful for everyone involved, and pretty time-consuming.

But what about my January pipe dreams? Well, there’s writing. Writing fiction is something I’ve made progress on. No, I haven’t finished two books in the past year. In spite of my high hopes a month ago, I haven’t even finished one; it turns out that my mother now gets very upset by the prospect of Christmas (with all the things she feels she ought to do and can’t do), so upset that soothing her leaves me emotionally drained for most of the day. So that will have to be factored into future plans: December is a washout.

Even so, I’ve learned a lot – partly by participating in Friday Fictioneers and the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups – about writing: structuring plots, developing characters, keeping a story moving. Well before spring I really should have the current fantasy-in-progress rough draft written. (Pause for cartwheels.)

The score for the year? I guess I’m keeping up with the absolutely essential top-priority things. Almost top-priority, not so good. Tomorrow I’ll inflict a post on you about where I go from here.

(On a different subject, I just got home this afternoon from a two-day trip – my husband and I decided to give each other a mini-vacation for Christmas. I think I’ve caught up on all the comments people made on my posts while I was away; I know I have dozens and dozens of your posts to read. I’m looking forward to them, but it will take a while to get through them all. You may still be getting comments in February 😉 )

17 responses to “Only one more day of 2012!

  1. Boring women have tidy homes Sharon, happy new year!

  2. In a situation such as you’re in with your mother, for a time (sometimes a long time), other things have to take a back seat. My thought is that you choose whatever you enjoy most and make time for that and whatever bothers you the most and deal with that, then see what else you can do.

    As far as the house, my house doesn’t have to look like a magazine photo, but if it’s too messy, it stresses me out mightily. Some advice that has worked well for me and for a number of online friends is to take 15 minutes to declutter. They don’t even have to be consecutive minutes. Even that little time will make your house look better (and you feel better.) FlyLady is where I heard this idea and although I don’t get the daily emails any more, it can be a good jump start:

    A mini-vacation is a great Christmas present (and time with your husband–priceless.) I hope it was a blast!!

    A happy and accomplished 2013 to you, Sharon!


    • Very wise advice – thank you, Janet! Now I have to apply it 😉 The fifteen-minute approach sounds like a good place to start (and FlyLady’s emails can get overwhelming, can’t they?)

      The mini-vacation was wonderful. Happy 2013 to you and yours!

  3. Glad you managed to get away. As for the rest – lots of fellow feeling! Best wishes for the new year.

  4. Well the year ended so Happy New Year. I have been busy over Christmas too and grateful that i taught my daughter to cook a dinner, it was super. You didn’t fail at anything. You have kept me searching for the next page in much of your story writing, if not a little confused and bemused at times. As for your house, its a home not a museum.

  5. What a good idea, to have some time away. I hope you are as refreshed as the New Year. I can understand your reluctance to talk about the negative things on your blog. They need to be worked through as a different part of life. I do the same. I wish you much peace, health and happiness for 2013, and look forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂

    • It was a lovely two days, even though the weather wasn’t very good. Good luck with whatever your difficulties are, and may you have a wonderful 2013, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you post.

  6. How human you are. Why set goals if not to break them. Enjoy your days doing what you want to do that day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

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