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Friday Fictioneers: Coffeeshop

This week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has a cheerful prompt for the Friday Fictioneers to use as inspiration for another 100 word story –


I didn’t want to spend this weekend going from store to store. But what can you do when you’re stuck with returning a dozen failed Christmas presents? The wind whipped my ears, slush leaked into my boots, heavy bags pulled at my shoulders.

Finally my hands were empty. Time to head home. That’s when I saw the sign, with a cheerful sun rising behind a steaming cup of coffee or tea or soup or – well, something hot. I couldn’t resist.

Inside, I found a table next to one of the big potted trees and let the warmth thaw my face. I think I’ll stay right here till April.

* * *

Tell me what you think!

100 Word Challenge for Grownups: Guests

This week, Julia gave us a seasonal prompt – “twas the night before Christmas.” As usual, all we have to do is add 100 words to it for a ministory. What I came up with was this tale of a woman who’s feeling overburdened…please tell me what you think of it!


Twas the night before Christmas. Sarah’s house was bursting; she was fuming. “It’s David’s fault,” she told her neighbor Abby-the-gossip. “Invites every no-good who claims to need help to stay.”

“Looks like you’ll have one more soon,” smirked Abby, glancing at a very-pregnant girl.

She was right. Sarah would have liked to order Abby out when the girl’s labor started, but Abby was a good midwife and she needed the help. At last it was over. Abby peered at the newborn. “This one’s a troublemaker. Look how he’s started,” she said happily.

“Oh, nonsense.” Sarah smiled at the weary mother. “He’s a miracle, like all babies.”