Philadelphia Victorian, part 2

When I was in Philly last week, there was one building in particular that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

LocustStreetCurtisInstituteOf MusicIt’s right next to – maybe part of – the Curtis Institute’s Lenfest Hall, and someone was careful to make Lenfest Hall match the red stone of the older building,

LocustStreetCurtisInstituteOfMusicLenfestHallbut they couldn’t be more different in style.

LocustStreetWindowFrameThere’s the relatively simple window frame

LocustStreetWindowSupportand the scrolled supports under the windows

LocustStreetPorchSideand a side view of the more elaborate porch roof above the door.

LocustStreetBirdThere are the birds that embellish the extended window sills, one at the corner of the building and one next to the door.

LocustStreetInsideDoorFramsBut for stonework run delightfully amok, you have to stand inside the porch and look up at the scrolled supports on either side of the door

LocustStreetAboveDoorand finally, amazingly, at the last place anyone would be likely to look: straight overhead.

I love this building.

6 responses to “Philadelphia Victorian, part 2

  1. Lovely! I’m always happy when building like this are left in all their glory and incorporated into the new ideas and designs, not knocked down.

  2. Beautiful details. Thanks for sharing.

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