Friday Fictioneers: A Cat’s Christmas Tale

This week, Rochelle has given us a Friday Fictioneers prompt that I think is seriously cute, and easy to write about. (But then, I like cats.) Thanks, Rochelle!

Here you are – a perfectly reasonable speech from a misunderstood cat whose owners don’t quite see why he’s on the table.

copyright-scott-l-vannatterA Cat’s Christmas Tale

I can explain. Really.

Um, I was just about to wrap your presents. And I didn’t want to wreck the pretty paper by working on the floor. So I needed to get on the table.

What do you mean, you don’t see any presents? Come on. Aren’t you supposed to give people something they like? Look, I could give you a nice mouse, maybe even catnip, something worth unwrapping. But you seem to think these red and green placemat things are special, so I figured you might enjoy getting them all over again.

Because that’s just how I am. Generous.


48 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: A Cat’s Christmas Tale

  1. So cat-like that I can just hear it being said. 🙂 I could also see the gift of a mouse from the cat to his people!! May you get many presents this year that you like better than a mouse!!

    • He’s being as selfless as he can! 😉 (Actually, when my mom’s cat the mighty hunter was younger, he used to leave gifts of mice on the back porch for her. She was careful to dispose of them when he wasn’t around to see her throw them out!)

  2. LOVE IT…A true cat lover…you could be a cat whisperer.


  3. LOL. I think you captured my understanding of how cats operate very nicely. 🙂

    • Cats like to get things done early, you know! That way it doesn’t interfere with nap time. (And sorry about the delayed reply – for some reason your comment was in my spam section 😦 )

  4. From one cat lover to another…I loved this. My Bambi is purring next to my computer as I type this. Think I’ll give her a forehead bump. Meow.

  5. sweet kitty..
    smart one too! can reason her way out of

    • Oh yes 🙂 After all, some humans don’t grasp the basic rule of the universe – the cat can do no wrong – so you have to present things in a way the people can understand. 😉 Glad you like it!

  6. They’ve always got an excuse. Nicely done Sharon, we both went the same way this week.

  7. Dear Sharon,
    I’ve been the recipient of a few “gifts” from my cats. Charming story in your telling.

  8. Did i lose another day or is it Thursday?

  9. thank you for putting a smile on my face…so Charlie like it made me LOL immediately

  10. After reading your story, the cat looks like he’s saying “go ahead call me a liar”… good one!

  11. That cat’s a quick thinker. Sneaky little devil. Sure he wasn’t trying to get at te food? Very cute.

    • Is there no TRUST left in this world? Can you doubt a word that comes from that furry mouth?? Don’t you recognize HONESTY when you see it???


      For all I know, he was just curious about what’s up there, more or less out of sight from his eye level…especially since he’s probably noticed that his personal people find things to eat on the table.

      Yeah, food.

      Glad you like it!

  12. Dear Sharon,

    Are you a cat owner? Because you really nailed the cat, but good. Great story (and a smart cat).



  13. Nice story – love that cheeky cat 🙂

  14. Nice conversational tone, very good.

  15. Hi Sharon,
    You captured the cat’s attitude perfectly. They’re never in the wrong. You just don’t understand them! Ron

  16. Loved this story. This has to be how an unselfish cat speaks 🙂

  17. can’t argue with cat logic. destroy something and you are lucky enough to get it all over again. well done.

  18. cat thropomorphism to the highest degree

  19. Yup. That’s a cat all right. 🙂

  20. I loved this. Made me laugh out loud. That cat is soo generous! LOL

  21. A generous cat! Thank God there wasn’t a dead mouse on the table!
    Very novel idea with the prompt.

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