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Friday Fictioneers: A Cat’s Christmas Tale

This week, Rochelle has given us a Friday Fictioneers prompt that I think is seriously cute, and easy to write about. (But then, I like cats.) Thanks, Rochelle!

Here you are – a perfectly reasonable speech from a misunderstood cat whose owners don’t quite see why he’s on the table.

copyright-scott-l-vannatterA Cat’s Christmas Tale

I can explain. Really.

Um, I was just about to wrap your presents. And I didn’t want to wreck the pretty paper by working on the floor. So I needed to get on the table.

What do you mean, you don’t see any presents? Come on. Aren’t you supposed to give people something they like? Look, I could give you a nice mouse, maybe even catnip, something worth unwrapping. But you seem to think these red and green placemat things are special, so I figured you might enjoy getting them all over again.

Because that’s just how I am. Generous.