Philly Christmas Village

Yesterday, I spent some time in Philadelphia taking pictures of this and that – including this Christmas Village.

ChristmasVillage2012SignThe sign at the entrance is a little hard to see. (Probably it would stand out better at night.) The building in the background is City Hall, a few blocks away.

ChristmasVillage2012LOVEThe village is located in Love Park, named after this sculpture that’s been there since the seventies.

ChristmasVillage2012CrecheTo one side is this large nativity scene.

ChristmasVillage2012It’s a collection of little booths

ChristmasVillage2012aselling all sorts of gift items


ChristmasVillage2012Bratwurstand also this and that to eat while you shop. The Weihnachtshutte specializes in bratwurst, but you can also buy Italian treats or crepes or (at Zea May’s food truck) empanadas and Navaho tea.

8 responses to “Philly Christmas Village

  1. It looks just like the German style markets we have here!

  2. I was just going to say the same thing – it looks like the German markets we have here

  3. Megan and I walked through there on the way to Starbucks. Perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit!!

  4. Charming photos of Christmas village, Sharon! Though, I’m surprised you were able to even see anything here in Philly that day, as the fog was crazy! (Love the picture of City Hall through that mist, though!)

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