Red and Green: Christmas….Peppers?

We had frost a day or two ago, so it’s time to put the garden to bed for the winter. But even after this strangely prolonged warm weather, I was surprised by what was waiting for me:

Dec15PeppersWaitingTen days before Christmas, the pepper plants have wilted, but they’re still ready to pick.

Dec15BowlOfPeppersThis is a pretty large bowl, and I filled it to overflowing. Way too much for us to use up before they start to spoil, so a lot of these are destined for the town food bank.

8 responses to “Red and Green: Christmas….Peppers?

  1. I am trying to get people at the church i attend to give to the food bank. What they haven’t grasped yet is that a little goes a long way; 1 tin, 1 packet and surplus from your garden.

  2. They look tasty and its great that you will be able to share the abundance!

  3. Are those Anaheims (Long greens)? I love those chilies roasted! Thanks for finding me, and signing up. 😀

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