Travel theme: Circles

Ailsa’s travel theme for the week is “circles”. I was a bit surprised at how few usable pictures I had (partly because I’ve used some of them in other photo challenges – the subway photo I used just last Tuesday would fit right in here!)

After some searching, I found a group of pictures I took almost a year ago at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Here’s my assortment of spherical little succulents – their ancestors had a long history of surviving in deserts, so they balloon themselves with as much water as possible.  (Click on any of the pictures to see the gallery with larger images.)

2 responses to “Travel theme: Circles

  1. Perfect, I love succulents, they are able to cope with my inconsistency!

    • Good point – I went through a period of trying to grow difficult plants years ago, and I want to apologize to all the unfortunate roses and ferns and things I killed in the process. And succulents are some of the most improbable looking plants around – not necessarily pretty, but memorable.

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