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Friday Fictioneers: Entrance Exam

What is Friday Fictioneers? Every week, anyone who wants to participate is challenged to write a short-short story (100 words is the goal length) based on a prompt from our kind hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

This time, the Friday Fictioneers prompt is intriguing (I think) just because it’s so bare. It demands that you use your imagination…


Entrance Exam

Entering the College of Wizards: “Each door hides magic. Those who can see may learn.”

Room after room – bare walls, empty floors. The end of the hallway. The end of a dream, the end of hope. A stern-faced figure met her. “Describe.”

“The first room – nothing special, just pixies riding unicorns. Second, a sleeping dragon. Third, hard to describe – I saw its floorboards as trees and seeds too, all at once. Fourth…” She was hoarse when she finished.

The wizard smiled. “Well said.”

Only – she’d failed. She didn’t belong here. “Wait. I saw nothing. I made it all up.”

“Welcome, then!”


“So much invention shows you’re driven and imaginative. Ready to learn.”

“I saw nothing.”

“We know; we built the test. Magic is power – only fools teach it to liars. Hurry, your first class starts at noon.”

* * *

What do you think of this one? Please tell me!