100 Word Challenge for Grownups: Something New

Julia’s keeping her prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grownups short, simple, and seasonal – just one word: grey.

And here’s my story about a woman who’s not about to be defeated by November gray. Let me know what you think!

Something New

She pulls out one hair, a second, a third, and inspects them  carefully. It’s true. They’re all grey. Time to face the facts. She makes an appointment.

The stylist fingers her hair thoughtfully. “You’re naturally dark haired, aren’t you?”

“It’s almost black. Was almost black.”

“We don’t recommend dark brown, for ladies with your situation. A soft brown, or maybe a rich blonde – that will flatter your skin tone more.”

“I don’t want a soft brown,” she says firmly. “Or black. Let’s go for something new.” He produces a small professional smile. “It’s almost Christmas. I want the left half red and the right half green.” She grins back. “Come January, we’ll think of something else.”

6 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups: Something New

  1. Cute and funny – thanks for a Sunday afternoon laugh

  2. Hahaha where do you get your ideas? It’s brilliant and I dare you!!!

    • That’s one dare I think you’re going to win, because I don’t entirely know where this one came from! I know I didn’t feel like writing a gloomy gray story so soon after plumbing the depths for Friday Fictioneers, so I spent several days letting various ideas float up and rejecting them…then along came this bit of nonsense. Possibly from seeing the Christmas decorations people are starting to put up, but I still don’t know what that has to do with hair 😉

      Anyway, I’m delighted that you like it!

  3. Grinning just imagining the reaction she’s going to get when she goes into work!

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