Travel themes – Hot

Ailsa’s feeling kind of chilly right now (and so am I), so she’s asking for pictures of something hot to warm her up! Here’s my assortment –

ChacoLizard3I thought it was uncomfortably warm in Chaco Canyon,
but this lizard thought it was just right.

HotAug03YellowstoneSteamingValleyYellowstone Park again. Yes, that’s steam rising up from the ground, as if there were a thousand pots of boiling water
just under the surface.

HotBlacksmithsWilliamsburg2005And hottest of all, this blacksmith shop in Williamsburg, Virginia,
even on a pleasant June day.


5 responses to “Travel themes – Hot

  1. Lovely Pictures!

    I especially loved the second picture. I have never been to Yellowstone park to see this phenomenon, but I hope to someday.

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. Was the Yellowstone one taken in summer? In winter I assume the geyser things are still just as hot?

    • The Yellowstone picture was taken in August 2003. I’m sure the geysers keep steaming away all year – volcanoes are like that – but the park is only partly open then. All but the northern entrance (Yellowstone Park is a huge rectangle with northern, western, southern, and eastern entrances) are normally snowed shut, and I think there are sections of the park that are completely inaccessible (don’t know if this is one; this picture was taken very near Old Faithful, for what that’s worth – then again, it’s possible that you can’t get to Old Faithful in the winter either).

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