Thursday’s Window: Federal Fanlight

Back to Susan Conner’s Thursday’s Windows series, with a fanlight above the front door of one of the larger houses at Sturbridge Village, a reconstructed early nineteenth century town in Connecticut.

This building is in the “Federal style”, popular in the U.S. during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It copies ancient Greek architecture as much as possible – notice the columns framing the door – but the New England climate forces some compromises, like glass windows to try to keep a little heat inside during the winter!

4 responses to “Thursday’s Window: Federal Fanlight

  1. A whole village has been recontructed? does that mean it was always there and its been renovated or it was created from scratch to resemble a 19th century town?

    • It seems to be a from-scratch village with authentic buildings – according to their web site, there are “more than 40 original buildings, each carefully researched, restored, and brought to the museum site from towns throughout New England.” (I’d say, from what we saw on our visit, that there are roughly 40 to 50 buildings there in all, so that would make most or all of them “real”.)

  2. Like spider’s web šŸ™‚

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