Jake’s Sunday Post: Natural Resources

This week, Jake at jakesprinter is asking us for pictures of “natural resources”. That’s kind of challenging at first glance! Finally I decided to go with the basics –

– and there aren’t many natural resources more basic than oxygen. Every moment of your life, you turn oxygen into carbon dioxide, and so does every other human being on earth, and every cat, dog, whale, chicken, snake, bee… Why haven’t we run out of oxygen by now? Because all day long, all the plants around us sit quietly turning carbon dioxide back into oxygen.




Thank you, plants.

(Yes, of course these are pictures of oxygen! Don’t you see all the oxygen in the air around the solid objects in my photos?? 😉 )

12 responses to “Jake’s Sunday Post: Natural Resources

  1. I thought maybe the cactus was inflatable and pumped up with oxygen. And look….it’s waving.

  2. Great photography and added information for this week theme my friend ,
    I love it thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I can see it! and thankfully I can breath it 🙂

  4. i can the oxygen but more than that its a miracle

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