Travel themes – Liquid

“Liquid” is Ailsa’s travel theme for this week. And here are some pictures I took about nine years ago in Yellowstone Park (which is really a very very large volcano, currently more or less quiet).

The Sapphire Pool – such a beautiful color.

Such a bad sulfury smell.

So deadly. Because the water’s dangerously hot,
and from time to time it boils up.
Prettily. Such a very lovely blue.
But you really wouldn’t want to be too close to it.

10 responses to “Travel themes – Liquid

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  2. Maybe the Sapphireness (!) outwieghs the Stink 😉
    Does look gorgeous .

  3. it looks like something from a sci-fi movie 🙂

  4. Interesting! There is a book called “Death at Yellowstone” that talks about the many ways to die in that National Park, and one of the worst ways is death by hot spring!

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