Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Colorful Monochrome

Cee’s at it again! This time, she wants us to stretch our photographic skills with color pictures that use various tones and shades of just one color. (It’s amazing how frustrating one little red flower can be when you’re trying to find shots that meet this requirement!)

Well, let’s see what I have. (Oddly, most of these photos were taken within a short time period in the same general part of the world.)

Tan: Caryatids, Acropolis, Athens

Blue: Adriatic Sea and sky

Brown: Wild donkeys at Custer State Park, South Dakota

Green: Krka Falls, Croatia

7 responses to “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Colorful Monochrome

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  2. Nice Caryatids ! … and the piebald donkey makes me 🙂

    • Thanks! And yes, the donkeys were cute – if you’re ever in South Dakota, take a look at Custer State Park. I was amazed at how many assorted wild animals we saw just roaming around being themselves. Then again, if you’re ever in Croatia, don’t miss Krka Falls either. One of my unexpected favorite places.

  3. Wonderful monotones. I really appreciate the first one….Thanks so much for participating.

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