All the leaves are brown…

…just like these…

…and the sky is gray.

Actually, some of the leaves aren’t all that brown

I’m not sure what these little blue berries (not blueberries) might be, but I hope something or other finds them tasty this winter

Before it was cut down, this tree was leaning dangerously
– looking at the stump, you can see why

The hemerocallis (daylilies) have had enough for this year

Even after a visit from a hurricane
there are still a surprising number of leaves on the trees

But there’s no way around it: Winter is coming

This is both a response to the current WordPress daily prompt, which asks us to use a song as the title / inspiration for today’s post, and my first try at Myfanwy Hart’s new “Today’s 100” theme: in the course of a walk, take photos of what you see in 100 steps.

My photos today are heavy on plants and weather – most animals seemed to have the sense to stay under cover, unlike me. There was a pair of blue jays quarreling with each other, but they wouldn’t stay in one place long enough to photograph. By the time I pointed the camera at one of them, it was flying away.

8 responses to “All the leaves are brown…

  1. Thanks for joining in! Lovely photos. We commented today that the leaves are staying on the trees a bit longer than usual over here too.

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for the idea! I wonder why the leaves are staying in place longer – if I remember, you had a fairly cool wet summer, while ours was hot and dry, so it can’t be due to similar weather over the last few months. Anyway, glad you like the pictures!

  2. Well done with both challenges! There is so much to see if we are observant. Lovely photos but the tree makes me sad, I wonder how old it was. I hope you catch the jays sometime, they are a rare sighting over here and I don’t know if like the robins they are different from yours 🙂

    • Thanks, Gilly! I’m not sure exactly how old the tree was, but it was very large and tall when I first saw it forty-odd years ago. Probably at least a century, I suspect. As for our jays, they’re relatively large birds, almost the size of a pigeon but with much bigger heads, and they have iridescent blue feathers on their backs, wings, and heads and a perky feather crest that makes them look as if they’re facing into a strong wind that swept their feathers back from their faces. (Or, to simplify things, here are some pictures: 🙂

  3. I think if i walked for a 100 steps from my front door all there would be is more houses and doors, not sure people would be happy for me to take photos of their front doors. Nice Photos.

    • Yes, I can understand that – with these, I tried to avoid photographing my neighbors’ houses. (You can see the roof of the house across the street in the third photo, behind the tree with orange leaves, which is in their front yard.) But I think the idea is to start taking pictures anywhere you happen to be and see what you can find in a 100 step area 😉 Glad you like the pictures!

  4. thank you for the songline of this wonderful song

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