Travel theme: Soft

This week, as winter approaches (on this side of the equator, anyhow) with hard cold frozen ground and water and air, Ailsa asks us for photos highlighting “soft”.

About six years ago, we toured a reconstructed Viking-era homestead in Denmark, where I spotted these softly colored hanks of wool hanging outside a weaving shed, waiting to be made into soft, warm cloth.

19 responses to “Travel theme: Soft

  1. Viking-era homestead .. that sounds interesting:)

    • It was interesting to explore, and they had several people in period clothing (with a distinct contrast between the clothes of the mistress of the household and the servant woman – you could see who was higher status), demonstrating how various things were done at that time and place.

  2. I love this shot. Definitely evokes a soft feeling from the wool. And what nice colors too!

  3. Gorgeous soft colours, I’d like the wear the end result!

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  5. Now i just need some knitting needles and comfy chair and i am all set 🙂

  6. I love the pastels! The prima-ballerina softness of the colors matched with the fact that it is wool captures the softness of winter quite gracefully! One of my faves! Lovely picture!

    P.S: The Viking-era homestead is something that I would have loved to explore. This era intrigues me.

    Adieu, scribbler.

    • Thank you so much! I hunted up this picture for Ailsa’s current theme because I remembered the soft bundles of wool, but I had forgotten those candy pastels until I looked at it again. I’ve read that really bright fabric colors weren’t available until chemical dyes were invented around 1850, so I suppose this is a typical range of tints for pre-Victorian cloth.

  7. Lucky you going to Norway…I just want to reach out and snuggle my face in all that yarn

  8. What a beautiful photo of the domestic.

  9. Isn’t it lovely browsing earlier photos and finding a gem !
    Beautifully soft in colour and texture ….

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