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Friday Fictioneers – Weather

For Friday Fictioneers this week, I’m offering a piece of semifiction. (I’m lucky; this isn’t my own experience.)

A bit of background – a week and a half ago, October 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey coast right about at Atlantic City. From news stories and from what I’ve heard from friends who have been to the shore to check on property, large areas are devastated, and many schools are still closed because they’re serving as shelters for people who had to evacuate.

And on top of that, yesterday the shore had several inches of snow. It’s weeks too early for that kind of weather. So, with sympathy for the people who can’t go home because home isn’t there any more, here’s my story of the week –


Frost on the window. In November. At one in the afternoon. That’s just wrong.

Sure, the kids are enjoying this snow. They’d never admit it, but they’d be thrilled to go back to regular classes. They’re bored after two weeks of living – not living, camping – in a school turned shelter, too crowded to organize any kind of lessons.

I’m ready to give up on this place. I think I am. I’ve loved boats and the bay as long as I can remember, but when the boat sails off without you and the bay moves into the living room, maybe it’s time to go.

I wonder what it’s like in Nevada.

* * *

Please let me know what you think of this story!