Friday Fictioneers: At the Fair

It’s Friday Fictioneers time again! Rochelle has a photo for us that looks like a very normal scene at first glance. At second or third look, though, I started to wonder…

At the Fair

Emily drifted through the fair – so great not to have to trail after her folks like a baby. Where had Samantha gone? Oh well, they’d catch up with each other. She wandered toward a patch of light.  What an odd mix – flying toys and sunglasses. And why were so many people buying sunglasses now, in the dark? She pushed forward. Maybe she’d buy her kid brother a toy.

Bats, all the toys were bats. Creepy. “What can I do for you?” said the boy behind the counter. His voice, like silk. Forget it, she meant to say. He gave her a toothy grin.

* * *

I’d love to know what you think of this story!


32 responses to “Friday Fictioneers: At the Fair

  1. Ah, in a week of Halloween it’s to be expected. Buth sunglasses is weird.

    • 😀 Definitely to be expected! As for the sunglasses – I figured creatures who are largely nocturnal would be more sensitive to light than most of us. That isn’t a crowd of normal everyday fairgoers shopping at the bats’n’sunglasses booth!! (Every night fairgoers, maybe 😉 )

  2. Hahaha I love the mix of silken voice and toothy grin!

  3. Methinks something evil this way comes. And I don’t trust that guy behind the counter! I’m also wondering if perhaps the bats really fly and who knows what else at this fair?? Subtle hints of creepiness-to-come.

  4. Bats, it had to be bats…. EEEEE

  5. Nice! Now I know why I don’t shop for shades.

  6. Toothy grin, eh? Bet I can guess which teeth.

  7. I bet that boy and his toothy grin are up to no good…and that silken voice might be the girl’s undoing lol. Very nice. Thanks so much for stopping by mine

  8. Nicely done, Sharon. Vampires rule this week!

  9. Voice like silk! Nice one

  10. Very good. I like the connection.

  11. Nice. The first sentence made me sad for her. She must have much responsibility/stress. Sunglasses at night – that statement reminded me of a song I’m still singing. LOL. The toys all being bats was a surprise as well. Like it.

  12. Very good Sharon. That’s right up my street 😉

  13. Beware of that voice of silk …you mean, pretty slick, as they usually are when they what to wring in a pretty, innocent, naive girl. And bats? Hope she listens to her female instincts and runs for her life.

    • So do I – the trouble is, she’s at the age (fifteen or sixteen, I’d say) where intense curiosity and rebelliousness and the certainty that nothing can go really really wrong for her are likely to overpower any instincts to be cautious.

  14. Hmmm… Samantha may have already been to the booth… Good one!

  15. toothy, eh? i bet those were sooome teeth.

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