Thursday’s Windows: Trolley

Another photo for Sandra Conner’s Thursday’s Windows series –

The front windows of this retired trolley gave the driver
a good view of what was ahead. (Trolley Museum, Scranton PA)

7 responses to “Thursday’s Windows: Trolley

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how diverse the windows in Sandra’s challenge are? this is great, so well preserved. I’ve never been on a trolley!

    • Yes – it’s fascinating to see what people come up with, isn’t it? Glad you like this one. As for riding a trolley? A bit like being on a small train going slowly down a city street – you can hear the usual rail noises that you wouldn’t have in a bus, and sometimes it might sway a bit going around a curve. On the whole, though, the experience is bus-like. 😉

  2. That is SO smart !

  3. That’s not a trolley its a tram, just so you know. A trolley is what old women pull their shopping home in 🙂

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