100 Word Challenge for Grownups: Reunion

I’m playing punctuation games this time. Julia gave us a four-word phrase to prompt our 100-word stories this week –

… and winter will bring …

– so I split it between two sentences. (Smiles innocently) That’s all right, isn’t it?


When we were in our twenties, Cindy was my best friend ever. She always had ideas on what to do for fun. But you know how it is, I grew up, got married, moved, raised kids, lost track of her. I hadn’t heard from her in twenty years or more; the last time we talked, she had just thrown her third husband out. Or maybe he threw her out. I wasn’t sure.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a Facebook message from her.

“I’ll be in your town all fall and winter! Will bring sleeping bag’n’wine. You provide house. Party on!”

11 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grownups: Reunion

  1. Hahaha I can just imagine the chaos this party animal would bring to the structured life. My worse nightmare is someone with no boundaries of what is acceptable turning up like that! Maybe she will end up taking the husband with her when she goes, or maybe the friend will leave with her!
    Oops she doesn’t exist does she? it’s sounds rather realistic 🙂

    • No, she doesn’t exist in my own experience – though I’m pretty sure there are people out there like her! When I was in my twenties, I had some life of the party friends, but we all grew up – Cindy is based on the question “what if one of them never did?”

      And you’re right – this little problem could go in all sorts of different directions, couldn’t it?!

  2. Well it made me smile, i am the got married, had kids, got divorced, got on with life, but then life got me back, but that is the way it is sometimes.

  3. Sounds like the third husband threw her out.

  4. I’m not certain whether to consider this one humor…or horror! 😀 Nice job, Sharon!

  5. Lovely twist, very different take on the prompt. That’s gonna be some evening!

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