Thursday’s Windows – Venice with arches

Another contribution to Sandra Conner’s Thursday’s Windows

I love these elaborate windows with ogee arches in Venice. (The girl at the right is crossing one of the many arched bridges – every ten feet, it feels like – that take you over the canals. In the lower left corner, you can see steps at the beginning of the next bridge.)

7 responses to “Thursday’s Windows – Venice with arches

  1. Satan’s condemnation brings no repentance or resolve, just regret!

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    He’s deputized people to peddle his poison. Friends dredge up your past. Preachers proclaim all guilt and no grace. And parents, oh, your parents. They own a travel agency that specializes in guilt trips. “Why can’t you grow up?” “When are you going to make me proud?”

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  2. It looks like there was a window on the gray side wall that has since been sealed off. Love these windows. Mine’s at

    • It does, doesn’t it? Maybe two windows – there’s something at the third floor level that looks like one of the windowsills. Glad you like them! Your window is gorgeous, though not as beautiful as the view outside it – then again, few things could be.

  3. Oh I love them too, very ornate and exotic!

  4. I’ve never been, but you’ve captured the romanticism well, here! It reminds me a lot of San Antonio, oddly…though I think SA was modeled after Venice in some ways, with the canal.
    Nice photo!

    • Very interesting – I’ve never been to San Antonio, and I would never have expected it to look like Venice. Next time we take a trip west I’ll have to make sure we visit it. Glad you like this one!

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