Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

This time, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asks us for silhouettes. I generally avoid taking backlit photos, but silhouetted evening shots work pretty well, I think. So here we go –

Saguaros (and ocotillos – they’re the thin twisty plants) in the desert twilight

and other desert shrubbery, with a bird.

Actually, these both come from the same photo – I cropped parts of a single shot that was primarily about one looming saguaro in the middle. (Or maybe I was interested in the bird. This photo is seven years old, and I don’t remember. 🙂 )Now that I see them in isolation, I think the two cropped pictures are better than the original!


4 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

  1. it always amazes me that you can chopped a bit off and the picture looks completely different

  2. The first looks positively eerie and would make a great book cover!

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